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Hello! you are WELCOME to PIUITALIA

We are happy and really grateful to have you here with us, and that You have chosen to take a path that will lead you to a better version of You!

There’s a phrase that’s more or less like this: “Don’t judge every day by the harvest you harvest, but by the seeds you plant.” You’re planting a seed today starting this path with us. The seed of awareness, personal growth, the construction of your future. But not only that.

You have also decided to do what you want, to give space to Your dreams and passions. At PIUITALIA we feel a great responsibility on our shoulders, we will try to make you learn what you want, to make you grow; we’re not going to waste this opportunity to be together a little bit, accompany you along the path we’ve prepared precisely for You. In this path together, we will try to give you all the teaching possible by making available to you what our teachers have learned in many years of work. In return, however, we ask you for a promise too. We ask you to devote some of your precious time, reading everything we will make available to you with these news collections. Because only commitment and motivation are able to overcome doubts and any obstacles. Be aware that from now on you will try to plant a small seed every single day, after each page read, after each small exercise. From today you have to see this wonderful world of bread, cooking, pizza, sweets, ice cream, how wonderful it is to use your ladles, knives, pots, as if they were magic wands. Because dreams are all worth living. My dream as head of PIUITALIA was to be here, right with you talking, growing together in the kitchen, among the desserts, among the bread, between the pizza. Every boy like you who comes to learn, to dream of a future, makes my dream come true!

We are  so sure that your and our dream becomes reality because we believe that PIUITALIA can be described in 3 words:  uniqueness – growth – work

 UNIQUE: Because for us at PIUITALIA every person is unique.  Because at the center of our world is man. Of each individual, of each of our students we intend to share desires, dreams, aspirations, because we consider every man a value. And it is precisely this value that we want to enhance and make evident through innovative and personalized training.

GROWTH: Because we at PIUITALIA conceive training as an enhancement of the potential of each individual. Every man has great resources in him and our MISSION is to bring out and increase these unexpressed potentials and make them usable in life and, in particular, in the working context.

WORK: Because our training courses have as their final purpose the work, a rewarding work that represents the crowning achievement of the efforts of growth and enhancement that everyone carries out in the course of their life. Because every man has the right to have his own merits recognized.

OUR COURSES are much more than training courses. They are an opportunity for growth and well-deserved achievement of work. They are highly rewarding experiences tailor-made’ for each pupil. Because each of us is unique.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF THE THEORETICAL PATH. You can connect to our platform whenever you have time to study. The lessons will be weekly, so every week you can access new topics. Each week contains a pantry (as scheduled), therefore it provides for the presence of 5/6 volumes For every need you will need to contact your tutor of whom we will provide you with his phone and all contacts.


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1) History and Origins: Craft of the pizza maker
General background and history of the pizza maker's work

  • Lesson 1 – 1 History
  • Lesson 1 – 2 The Corn
  • Lesson 1 – 3 The Grinding

2) The Ingredients
Main pizza ingredients

3) Pizza Processing
Illustration and modalities of pizza making

4) Production phases
how is pizza kneaded? how is it worked? how is it baked? where is pizza baked? what is an artisan enterprise? Let's see it together

5) All about Pizza

6) Insights

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